For 30 plus years we have been involved mainly in the European Community working with Movie and Film studio’s scouting and acquiring sites for Movie & TV for upcoming films,and Television shows & seriers. It was also our job to scout flea markets, to acquire inventories from studio prop houses both active and those who filed bankruptcy, collecting and buying all and any goods that came available. Now after all this time many of the studio’s we worked for have slowly declined using our services as they once did before. We have now moved back to the USA in the attempt to hopefully work with some of the studio’s in California: In the meantime we have amassed a large inventory of collectable items which we have multiples of and instead of working Gun or Military show as was once done, to save time we have decided to start listing a lot of these items threw our webpage ALTE REGALIA ZONE, and will give ourselves a year to see how things will develop and what the outcome will be! Many of these items were aquired decades ago from left over wartime stocks, plus other items contracted by special firms to manufacture them for what ever show or film was being produced! We are professional dealers! We are not Experts-YOU ARE THE EXPERTS We sell both Original & Replica merchandise! We try to service dealers, collectors, Re-enactors and anyone else that wishes to purchase our exclusive items and Collectables. Because of the nature this hobby has become, We are not in the opinion business, nor do we have time to play collectors games. if you can find the same quality at a better price then buy it! If you need the opinion of today’s alleged foremost authorities on Third Reich Regalia or Forum page Guru’s to make up your mind then save yourself the trouble of contacting us. We would rather you be happy and satisfied. and give those who are serious about doing business with us to buy what they want! FORGET THE REST, WE ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!
We are currently residing in Indian Wells California so for any questions or inquiries please feel to call us at

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Feel free to email us at alteregaliazone@gmail.com